Peel. Stick. Paint.

It’s that easy. No more unreliable taping. No more mess. No more hassle.

Socket Blocker keeps your outlets, light switches, Ethernet ports, and more clear of paint or drywall texture.

Moving image of peeling the backing off and sticking the Socket Blocker to the outlet

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Save Time on Prep and Cleanup with Socket Blockers. Drywall and Paint shield for your outlets, switches, data ports, smart switches and more. If saving time and quality are important to you… Socket Blockers will help!

Made from recycled bottles

right here in the USA

What are Socket Blockers?

Using these now in our remodel project. Love them! Easy to use. Easy to remove. And they kept our plug outlets clean and free of paint, texture, and primer. Go get some! You’ll love these little gadgets.