30 pack and 6 pack Socket Blockers with outlet

Why Socket Blockers?

95% of painters, both professional & DIYer, state that the biggest frustration and time-consuming parts of painting are the prep and the cleanup. Safety is a top priority in every project. Socket Blockers can help.

We researched and researched, planned, tested, and evaluated the most effective and sustainable way to offer a quality paint protection product. We are proud of the results, as the Socket Blocker performs extraordinarily well, and they have less of an environmental impact than any of its competitors.

Tested & Proven

Socket Blockers are durable, fast and easy. Throw anything you want at the Socket Blocker! Rollers, sprayers, drywall installs, drywall texture, etc… The Socket Blocker will stay in place and safely protect all of your outlets and switches with its universal tough design. Socket Blockers will protect your toggle and paddle switches, outlets round or square, dimmers both dial or slide, smart home outlets and switches. No other product will protect as many electrical components as the Socket Blocker can.

Save Time & Headaches

The return on investment of a Socket Blocker is, on average, 50%. This varies based on your labor costs and/or what you value your time at. (We use $15 an hour.) Further, when you have to clean up a mess like the one shown here, or if you have to replace outlets and switches, the ROI is upwards of 1000+%. Once paint gets on an outlet, it really never comes off completely. Socket Blockers prevent that from becoming an issue in the first place!

Paint is a Conductor

Painted outlets/switches and their terminals are a fire hazard. We’re sorry peeps… we do not support fear-based marketing campaigns, but this is real! We actually learned of the fire hazard fact after Socket Blocker production. But turns out, it’s true, and Socket Blockers can help!

30 pack of socket blockers on a construction site

Low Environmental Impact

We spent a lot of time considering the environment throughout the whole design phase and are proud of the results.

  • Packaging – 36% of plastic use comes from packaging consumer goods which is by far the highest sector. Socket Blockers use 0% plastic in it’s packaging as the Socket Blockers themselves are the packaging.
  • Rough Goods – Socket Blockers are made from recycled Bottles from “PET” material which is a lightweight polyester material. We made sure to use a clear version (most recyclable) of this material and opted for no dyes for branding or pleasing aesthetics. (We still think Socket Blockers are beautiful!) Because of this combination, the Socket Blocker uses the most recyclable versions of plastics possible including requiring the least amount of heat, or carbon, to create and re-create.
  • Clean-Up – Just remove the Socket Blocker from the wall. No water needed!

We are often asked about tape. Painters tape is great and valuable on every job site. However, most of these tapes are sprayed with polyacrylates because of their absorption qualities (also used in diapers, paper napkins, etc.). Further, when you consider you may have to spend time and materials on clean up, and worse, replace outlets because of failed tape, the environmental footprint goes through the roof.